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Consortium for Business  & Economic Development

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CBED believe that law, policies, programme of government and emerging issues (domestic/national / international) directly impact on humanity in various important means. Besides, it is also necessary to identify them for interventions and need to assess and evaluate from time to time so that these can be appropriately modified to make them more effective for implementation, otherwise phased out of their utility is not found. Therefore, it is necessary to perform research and evaluation studies with individual and organization who will provide an intellectual solution.

To achieve the objectives

► CBED organizes events, conferences, lectures, seminars, interview, discussions and invites scholars and subject specialists for exchange of ideas. it organizes exhibitions, cultural events, and training workshop for students and other targeted groups across the globe.

► CBED interacts with the diplomatic community in New Delhi and their country to project India’s viewpoints and intellectual community in the state or union territory capital to project law, policies, programme viewpoint to understand the views and perceptions for further India’s political, strategic, economic and civilizational interests.

► CBED engages law, policies, and programme-makers on issues of topical interest and share CBED view and concerns with them. The CBED prepares briefs for limited circulation among people in government, parliamentarians, and members of the judiciary, those heading and working in constitutionally mandated institutions.

► CBED develops institutionalized contacts with academic bodies, research institutions, Indian foreign think – tanks, universities and organizations or individual representing the Indian diaspora for cross-fertilization of ideas, exchange of scholars and sharing of information and experience.


CBED believe that probity and sensitization in public life and government is the key, for the success of any democracy. Common man shall live with dignity, honour and enjoy governance with “rule of law”, “justice for all”, and “equality” as they are key for humanity.

To achieve the objectives

► CBED will create awareness in people of the country for their rights and Government / NGO’s regarding their role & responsibility in all legal means. So that these can make them more effective for implementation.


CBED believe that good governance with probity is the responsibility of government and the common man. Active participation of the common man in a democracy is the key success for humanity.

To achieve the objectives,

► CBED provides support in all legal means to Government through NGO’s and volunteers for welfare and benefit of people of the country. So that programmes/initiatives/projects can be appropriately modified to make them time-bound and is effective delivery for implementation.

► CBED provides support in all legal means to the people of the country and NGO’s for their rights/benefits and to serve their objective respectively.